Verde Salon

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Print, Social Media, Email Newsletters, Digital, Video, Photography

As a passionate visual designer for a Verde salon, my creative journey revolves around crafting eye-catching and minimalist print and digital assets that breathe life into the brand. With a focus on brochures, posters, cards, postcards, ads, newsletters, social media posts, stories, reels, and event videos, I find immense joy in infusing the salon’s visual identity with fresh and innovative designs while staying true to brand restrictions and guidelines.

In the print realm, I take pride in creating brochures that effortlessly showcase the salon’s services and special offers. I strive to infuse each design with a fresh touch while honoring the salon’s unique identity My business cards and postcards carry the essence of the salon’s brand, leaving a lasting impression on clients.

When it comes to digital assets, I eagerly embrace the ever-evolving world of social media. My social media posts radiate elegance, drawing followers into the salon’s world of beauty and style. Through engaging stories and reels, I transform the salon’s digital presence, inspiring excitement and curiosity among potential clients.

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