Hi I'm Natalia

I have been a visual designer since 2016. Although I earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology, a hidden passion for design called out to me, leading me to enroll in a graphic design school. I realized early on that this was the right path for me, and as I attended classes and dedicated more time to practice, my confidence in design grew. Today, I am delighted to share my experience and assist others in bringing their visions to life.

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the codes I live by

creativity & Innovation

I keep the creative flow going and trust my instincts.” That is the first step toward innovation.

brand-first Approach

It is important for me to understand the brand’s values, create a consistent visual language and storytelling, and adapt to the brand’s evolution.


I’m dedicated to providing a detailed design process, ensuring the best possible result with stunning aesthetics and a seamless user experience. Let’s create something impactful for your brand.

love digital

The digital realm offers limitless possibilities and has the potential to reach a global audience. The digital design provides to unleash creativity and creates meaningful and engaging experiences for users.


By working together, we can explore new possibilities, challenge assumptions, and push the boundaries of creativity.

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