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Birch Accessories – hair accessories line founded in Winnipeg. As a photographer, I recently had the opportunity to conduct a lifestyle session and a product session featuring models wearing hair accessories. These sessions offered distinct possibilities to showcase the products and create different visual narratives.

In the lifestyle session, my objective was to portray hair accessories in everyday situations, demonstrating how they can enhance the personal style and moments of ordinary life. I opted for natural surroundings as they provided a picturesque backdrop that conveyed a sense of freedom, tranquility, and organic beauty. The vibrant colors of flowers and the lush greenery of a forest complemented the models’ outfits and accessories, creating a natural and effortless ambiance in the photographs. Moreover, the natural light in outdoor settings offered soft, flattering illumination, which added a touch of ethereal beauty to the images.

The product session took place in a studio setting. I chose this environment to ensure precision and focus on the hair accessories themselves. Studios provide controlled lighting setups, enabling me to highlight the intricate details, textures, and colors of the products meticulously.

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